Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Family tragedy waiting to happen

I'm going to start out with a quote from Dave Ramsey "Believe it or not, human beings have a 100% mortality rate."

So why don't we as business owners take care of our succession and exit planning when we know that we are guaranteed to die?  I'm purposely being harsh because we see it all around us!  We see it happen all around us, even to the people of amazing wealth like Prince.

The craziness of Prince's estate:  57% of his estate is going to be divided between the state and the federal government and there are also 102 people trying to take a piece of his estate by claiming to be blood relatives.  Which has forced the judge to order DNA tests, before the court can even decide "who gets what".  

It does not make sense to be in business and raise a family then leave the decisions of what happens upon death (100% will happen to you) up to the government.

I love what we do here at BTI  because we show small to medium sized business owners a succession and exit plan with no upfront fees or retainers to show you how to protect your family from the long arms of the government and give you the ability to sleep at night, knowing that everything has been taken care of.

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