Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Today while conducting business.  I tried a little experiment.  I wanted to see how many people would return a "Good morning".  So, everywhere I walked or visited, I would say "Good morning".   Amazingly, only approximately 20% returned the good morning.

So, I guess if it is that hard to just get people to return a good morning.  I guess I can see why it is so hard to get business owners to see the difference in tax compliance vs tax planning.  Even though it can be up to a 40% difference in what they pay today.

If you're skeptical of a person wishing you a good morning... Gosh, someone helping you out would really frighten you huh?  Especially if it's with something really important like saving you a lot of headache and money.

I will continue to say "Good Morning!"  to as many people as I can, as well as enlighten small to medium sized business owners to why the bigger boys pay less than 20% on avg.